Builders of digital experiences

Builders of digital experiences

We keep it real, no fancy impossible designs that will never work in reality. We will keep a clear focus on the business goals and tell you upfront if we are not able to meet them. We can solve almost any digital use case with a team of passionate developers and designers.


Why take the long route if a shorter one is available? We will try to make the best decisions for the budget you have. We understand that especially for startups every penny counts.

Team work

We want to create something awesome for you, with you. There is no way we are going to be able to do it alone. We work together to get it right.

To the point

Don’t get us wrong, we will work with you if you are serious. But if we think the requirements are unnecessary or could be integrated in a later stage we will tell you.

Future proof

We will make sure the infrastructure scales and that the code developed is easy to maintain. If you already have developers in your company we will help them get up to speed.

Developer / founder

Johannes Sanders

We are located in Utrecht

But most of our team is working from a distance.

A small map of where we are located.


Rooseveltlaan 748

3526BK Utrecht


Kvk: 74654624

Tax #: NL002204494B07

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